Irish Open Day Three Updates

The action’s really starting to heat up here at the Paddy Power Irish Open 2009 – with only 22 players left out of the 701 runners everybody will get at least €13,400 for their troubles, apart from German online qualifier Marcel Koch…

As the last remaining Paddy Power qualifier he has bagged himself a tasty extra €100,000 for winning their Sole Survivor promotion.

My clairvoyant abilities continue to grow in stature – after our interview yesterday the young Danish player Albert Iversen has been crunching the tournament and eliminating players left, right and centre.

His stack is now up past the 755,000 mark and he is running pretty hot – remember folks, you read it here first 😉

Canadian born poker player, journalist and TV presenter Kara Scott is enjoying a deep run, although is looking a tad short sitting on a stack of around 160k (the average is around 318k). Still she won’t have done her professional reputation or bank account any harm with her 22nd place or better guarantee.

The tournament chip leader is another Canadian poker professional – Andrew Pantling – and he has been pretty much bossing his table all day. So far Mr Pantling and Mr Iversen have not been at the same table, but if either player gets moved to the same table we could definitely see some sparks flying.


Another player who has been causing the sparks to fly is UK based player Andy Bradshaw, who has been on the televised feature table all day accompanied by a bunch of bananas (11 in total, one for each level, although he has managed to sell three of them already for a tidy profit of €3 – nice work if you can get it ;))

Mr Bradshaw has already had a few disagreements with another player at the feature table whose phone rang mid-hand. After kindly telling the guy not to answer it or his hand would be dead, the gentleman in question did and his hand ended up dead – the two players both seem to be doing an excellent job of winding each other up. Check out the live feed.

Neil Channing has just informed me life is good after realising that all the players he took bets on last night have been eliminated.
He and fellow poker pro Nik Persaud are preparing for the launch of their new Blackbeltpoker website feel free to check it out, it goes live in two weeks I believe.

Pro on Pro

True to my word I managed to track down both Roland De Wolfe and Juha Helppi for an entertaining ‘Pro on Pro’ interview. Obviously I don’t want to give too much away but thoroughly enjoyed the banter the two of them had. Roland admitted he is a sick individual, and that Juha is 32, dresses like he’s 42 and plays like he’s 72…

Hard at work rubbing shoulders with Juha Helppi and Roland de Wolfe

Hard at work rubbing shoulders with Juha Helppi and Roland de Wolfe

In true professional style I managed to not puke all over the table of the Citywest’s Asian restaurant while the two of them enjoyed their sushi (shudder… I’m not the biggest fan of fish so raw fish didn’t really appeal :().

Also managed to bump into Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly in the same restaurant and he promised me an interview a bit later on so I’ll keep you posted.

Jamie Gold also seemed keen – he’s currently bossing his table in the €1,500 freeze-out. Interestingly, he revealed to Ireland’s Andy Black that the new rule changes in the WSOP (no talking during a hand in the tournaments) are all because of him – he seemed genuinely disgusted with the fact that he couldn’t use his poker banter to get additional reads on players, and to be fair – how much fun is poker if you can’t talk? You might as well just play on the Goddamn internet…

Right, well the tourney has just restarted after the dinner break, so perversely; I’m off to get some dinner.

More updates later…


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